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The level of tolls in Serbia depends on the vehicle category and the distance travelled. The easiest way to find out how to travel through Serbia is to check the official website  , where a toll calculator is available. Just fill in the toll stations you will pass through.

The calculator displays the exact amount of fees for all categories of vehicles.

Road map of Serbia

Categories of vehicles in Serbia

  • Category IA
    Motorcycles, tricycles and quads
  • Category I
    Cars and vans weighing up to 3.5 tons and not more than 1.9 m high
  • Category II
    Cars with trailers and caravans, vans weighing up to 3.5 tons and up to 1.9 m high, vans weighing up to 3.5 tons and over 1.9 m high
  • Category III
    Vehicles with two or three axles weighing over 3.5 tons and with a front axle height over 1.3 m. Trucks with two axles up to 3.5 tons and an overall height over 1.9 m
  • Category IV
    Freight wagons with four or more axles, weighing more than 3.5 tons and with a front axle height of more than 1.3 m

Number of tolls for the most used motorways in Serbia

PathmotorcyclesCarsCaravans, trailers, cat. II
Saturday – Dimitrovgrad8.00 euros15.50 euros22.50 euros
Saturday – Presevo10.00 euros19.00 euros28 euros

A complete overview of the Serbian highway tolls can be found on the website  .

The toll system may differ from motorway to motorway, but usually you pick up a ticket with seat, date of entry and vehicle category at the beginning of the toll section.

Fees will be charged based on this toll zone.

Payment by cash or bank card

Payment of fees can be made in dinars or in euros. Payment is also possible by credit card accepted by Master Card, Maestro, Visa, American Express, or Diners.

Electronic payment of ETC fees

In Serbia, you can use the electronic toll collection system. All you need to do is purchase a TAG deposit that is placed on the windshield of your car and the fee is automatically deducted from your prepaid credit.

Drivers from the TAG depot pass through the toll station without stopping. The price of the TAG device is 17.19 euros. There is no minimum top-up amount, except for toll stations where you can top-up at least 17.00 euros. TAG can be used for multiple category I vehicles, in category II the device is tied to a specific vehicle.

At the toll stations Vrbas, Zmajevo (section Belgrade-Subotica), Dolevac selo and Brestovac (section Nis-Leskovac), electronic tolls cannot be used.

TAG prepaid packages

Authorized distributors, the Automobile and Motorcycle Association of Serbia (AMSS), OMV, Euro Petrol and Tehno-Coop offer prepaid TAG devices. A list of authorized sellers can be found at  .

AMSS   offers discounts from 4 to 10%:

  • 4% discount for deposits from 10,000 to 25,000 RSD
  • 6% discount for deposits from 25001 to 50000 RSD
  • 8% discount for deposits from 50001 to 100000 RSD
  • 10% discount for deposits over 100,001 RSD

Toll sections of Serbian highways

  • A1 Hungary – Horgos – Presevo
  • A2 Beograd – Fire
  • A3 Croatia – Batrovci – Beograd
  • A4 Nose – Gradina – Bulgaria
  • A5 Prelina – Poyate

Map of highways and toll roads of Serbia

The official website   provides a clear map that shows all toll sections of the motorway and also shows all toll gates.

The maximum speed limit on Serbian motorways is 120 km/h, on the roads you can drive at a maximum speed of 100 km/h, in the countryside 50 km/h and outside the village 80 km/h. Near schools you can drive about 30 km/h.

Toll fines

The payment for the vignette is made on the basis of the ticket withdrawn at the beginning of the paid section. If a ticket is not presented at the motorway exit, the maximum possible amount of the fine for this category of vehicles will be collected on the relevant section of the motorway.

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