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  • Electronic Highway Stamp required for most roads and motorways
  • Road stamps are valid for one week, 30 days, 90 days and 12 months.
  • The stamps are valid for a certain period from the date of purchase, in addition to the normal toll, some bridges in Romania are also paid for.

Road map of Romania

Price and validity of a motorway mark in Romania 

The cost of a motorway brand is determined by the vehicle category. In Romania, motorway tolls are mandatory for eight categories of vehicles:

  • Category A:   Vehicles up to 3.5 tons
  • Category B:   Trucks up to 3.5 tons
  • Category C:   Trucks weighing between 3.5 and 7.5 tons
  • Category D:   Trucks from 7.5 to 12 tons
  • Category E:   Trucks weighing 12 tons or more with 3 axles
  • Category F:   Trucks weighing 12 tons or more with 4 axles
  • Category G:   Passenger vehicles from 9 to 23 seats
  • Category H:   Passenger vehicles with more than 23 seats

Price list of Romanian stamps 2022

ValiditymotorcycleAuto cat. TOCars up to 3.5 tons, cat. B.Carriages from 9 to 23 seats, cat. G.
1 day4.00 euros
7 days0.00 euros3.00 euros6.00 euros20.00 euros
30 days0.00 euros7.00 euros16.00 euros52 euros
90 days0.00 euros13.00 euros36 euros120 euros
12 months0.00 euros28 euros96 euros320 euros

A complete price list for all categories is available on the official website

All stamps are valid from the date of purchase. Annual stamps are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.

Where to buy a vignette in Romania

In Romania, cartoons are sold at almost all gas stations, near border checkpoints and in Romanian post offices. Points of sale are marked with a sticker.

Where to buy Romanian vignette online

The easiest way to get a Romanian stamp is to buy it online from the official website   . The website is available in several languages.

You register on the site, then select the appropriate vehicle category and validity period. You can also enter the vehicle’s registration number and country of registration. You can pay with Visa or MasterCard international credit cards or through the PayU payment system.

The stamp cannot be purchased earlier than 30 days from the date of its validity. Do not drive on Romanian toll roads until you receive confirmation of the issuance of the vignette via SMS or email.

The motorway network in Romania is being built or upgraded. Therefore, not all planned highways are yet fully passable and only some of them are in use.

Toll sections of motorways in Romania

  • A1: Bucharest – Pitesti – Sibiu – Deva – Timisoara – Arad – Nadlac
  • A2: Bucharest – Constanta
  • A3: Bucharest – Ploiesti, Campium Turkey – Cluj – Napoca (Transylvania)
  • A4: Constance coverage
  • A6: Balints – Lugoj
  • A11: Arad Ring Road

Highway map of Romania

A map of Romanian roads and motorways is available   here.

Plots are subject to a special fee

In Romania, in addition to road sections, some bridges are also tolled.

Estimated prices for crossing bridges 2022

motorcycleAuto cat. TOPassenger cars up to 3.5 t category BCarriages from 9 to 23 seats, category G
Calafat – Vidin0.00 euros6.00 euros6.00 euros12.00 euros
Giurgiu – Ruse0.00 euros3.00 euros6.00 euros12.00 euros
Jurgene is the water of Oia1.05 euros2.31 euros2.31 euros5.46 euros
Fetesti – Cernavoda1.68 euros2.73 euros2.73 euros

Speed ​​limit in Romania

  • 50 km / h in the village of
  • Outside the village: 90 km / h
  • By road for vehicles: 100 km/h
  • On the highway: 130 km / h

A detailed list of speed limits for various vehicle categories is shown in this   chart.

Penalties for not having a vignette in Romania

Drivers without a valid road tax can be fined 945 euros.

Where to attach a vignette in Romania

The validity of the stamp at the time of verification is confirmed by the presentation of proof of purchase.

Speeding fines in Romania

In Romania, to fight corruption, fines are not paid directly to the police, but at post offices, banks or public institutions. If you pay 15 days, you are entitled to a 50% deduction.

In general, traffic in Romania is wild. The roads, at least the main ones, are of good quality. There have been many investments in recent years. However, it is not difficult to meet herds of animals, pirate drivers or, for example, police patrols, which sometimes behave very unpredictably. They may give you a very low speeding ticket, but then they will give you a big ticket for not flashing your fog lights. Yes, the headlights shine better, they are not used to daytime running lights here. So the size of the fines varies greatly from patrol to patrol. The table below shows the minimum and maximum amounts that are the same for all road types.

Table of fines (for all types of roads)

  • 10-20 km / h: € 53 – € 79
  • 21-30 km / h: € 105 – € 131
  • 31-40 km / h: € 158 – € 210
  • over 41 km/h: from €236 – €525

Romania has a points system for traffic violations. Each point represents 10% of the minimum wage set by the Romanian government. Penalties are divided into five different classes:

  • I class – 2-3 points
  • II class – 4-5 points
  • III class – from 6 to 8 points
  • IV class – from 9 to 20 points
  • V class – from 20 to 100 points

Points and penalties also apply to foreigners. Some traffic violations are considered criminal offenses and can result in driver’s license revocation, vehicle seizure and possible detention.

Romania has a law against aggressive drivers. It was created as a response to the local driving style that caused many accidents. Aggressive driving is driving at high speed near another vehicle, such as signaling and blinking, deliberately slowing down the left lane, riding a motorcycle on the back wheel, etc.

Vehicle equipment is mandatory in Romania

  • auto insurance
  • Reflective vest
  • warning triangle
  • Fire extinguisher

A protective helmet is mandatory for drivers and passengers of motorcycles and mopeds.


Since 2011, the use of winter tires has been mandatory in Romania from 1 November to 31 March. Minimum tread depth 2mm.

In addition to winter tires, trucks weighing more than 3.5 tons and vehicles with more than 9 seats must be equipped with snow chains. The use of studded tires is prohibited on vehicles over 3.5 tonnes.

Non-use of winter tires is punishable by a fine of 525 to 840 euros.

Seat belts

It is mandatory to fasten seat belts on all car seats that are equipped with them.
Failure to use seat belts is classified as a class I fine.

Children in the car

Children under the age of 12 and under 150 cm tall cannot travel in the front passenger seat and must sit in a booster or booster seat. Children under 3 must also wear a child seat that is appropriate for their weight and age.

Alcohol while driving

Romania has zero blood alcohol tolerance. Driving under the influence of alcohol and psychoactive substances is punishable by imprisonment for a term of one to five years or a fine.

  • Up to 0.4% alcohol in the blood – from 639 euros – 1,523 euros and deprivation of a driver’s license for 3 months
  • More than 0.4% alcohol in the blood: imprisonment from 1 to 5 years or a hefty fine.


Proximity headlights are used for night and day driving. Therefore, do not use daytime running lights during the day.

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