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The price of vignettes in Moldova

In Moldova, drivers of motor vehicles must make a mandatory payment for the use of roads marked vinieta. The price for using the toll road depends on the vehicle category and the length of stay in Moldova.

 A vignette is mandatory for the following categories of vehicles:

  • Vehicles for personal use and other motor vehicles designed for the transport of persons (plausibly also include motorcycles) under code 8703 in the customs tariff of the Republic of Moldova.
  • Trailers and semi-trailers included in code 8716
  • Buses with from 9-24 seats
  • Buses with more than 25 seats
  • Trucks weighing up to 3.5 t
  • Trucks from 3.5 t to 10 t
  • Trucks over 10 tons

From November 1, 2012, the Republic of Moldova provides for a fee for the use of roads (vignette) for vehicles registered in a foreign state.

Subjects of taxation are individuals and legal entities that own or have the right to use a vehicle classified under heading 8703, as well as a trailer for it with heading 8716, unregistered in Moldova and registered in other countries of entry. are passing by. .

Not subject to taxation:

  • individuals and legal entities placing their vehicles under the customs regime of import;
  • diplomatic missions, consular offices and their employees;

Vehicles that are part of the equipment of foreign military forces, in accordance with international treaties, one of the parties to which is the Republic of Moldova, as well as vehicles registered in the territory of Transnistria, are not subject to taxation.

The vignette can be purchased at the customs checkpoints at the branches of the commercial bank Moldova-Agroindbank SA (MAIB) located at the border crossing points of the Republic of Moldova, or at any other bank subdivision of the city. The list of bank branches can be found here: You can also purchase a vignette at authorized points established by the authorized body of the central public administration.

Since 2017, Moldova has the opportunity to buy a vignette online on the website of the Ministry of Transport and Road Infrastructure – Contact details of the Ministry: un. Chisinau, st. Bucuria 12A. For all your questions, you can also contact the service consultants: (+373) 079180241, (+373) 069794934.

After payment, you can check the payment status at any time on the website

Payment is made in Moldovan Lei or in foreign currency at the official exchange rate of Moldovan Lei.

The cost of a vignette for cars and trailers:

7 days15 days30 days90 days180 days
4 €8 €16 €45 €85 €

The cost of a vignette for more than 180 days in 12 consecutive months is 180 euros. Payment is made for each subsequent 180 days, including for partial periods following the first 180 days.

Even if the car stays on the territory of Moldova for only 1 day, the minimum validity of the vignette is 7 days. After buying a vignette, be sure to keep the receipt, it will need to be presented to the traffic police at a stop.

If you do not have a vignette when leaving the country, you will be prohibited from crossing the border until the fee and fines are paid. The amount of the fine will be:

  • from 2250 to 3000 lei, if the vehicle is left without paying the vignette for more than 7 days;
  • from 3,000 to 9,000 lei for committing a repeated offense within one calendar year, if the person has already been punished for the offense.

It is also useful for owners of foreign vehicles to know that in case the Green Card policy expires before departure from the Republic of Moldova, you can always contact us and apply for OSAGO on our website  or directly at the office by address Chisinau, Metropolitan Dosoftei str. 118.

The vignette expires on the day chosen by the user upon purchase, and ends at midnight on the last day of the selected period.

Where to buy a vignette in Moldova

You can buy a road toll or a vignette at any branch of Moldova Agroindbank.

Bank branches are located at all border crossings, a detailed map of all branches can be found on the official website of   Moldova Agroindbank  . The vignette can be bought at the Moldovan post office or using electronic payment terminals.

In these cases, an administration fee of 7 L is also added to the price of the vignette, for vignettes over 45 €, a fee of 1.5% on the whole share is included.

When buying a vignette, you should keep the receipt of payment, in case of forced control.

Buy a vignette in Moldova online

The vignette can be purchased in advance on the web   page  . First you need to register. To do this, you need to enter the type of vehicle, the date of validity of the vignette, the country where the car is registered, the license plate, the name of the driver (it is better that this be the current owner of the vehicle), passport number and email.

You can then pay the fee using the website  .

Here you enter only the ID of the vignette and the verification code entered directly on the page. They accept Visa and MasterCard payment cards. Print out the payment receipt, during your stay in Moldova you must have it with you.

Online registration and payment in Moldova

Vignette can be purchased using the methods mentioned above. It is enough to register online on the pages   of  , and upon arrival at the Moldovan border, pay the specified share either through the Moldova Agroindbank branch or through an electronic payment terminal

Highways in Moldova

Moldovan main transport roads form a two-lane highway. There are no highways that would correspond to the European classification in Moldova.

Highway networks in Moldova

  • M1 Chisinau – Leushen – Romania
  • M2 Chisinau – Orgiev – Tsintseren – Soroca – Ukraine
  • M3 Chisinau – Rezen – Cimislia – Volcanoes – Giurgiueshti – Romania
  • M4 Tiraspol – Grigoriopol – Rybnitsa – Kamenka – Khrustova – Ukraine
  • M14 Ukraine – Chisinau – Merenden – Ukraine
  • M21 Chisinau – Dubossari – Goyanul Nou

Map of roads and highways in Moldova

A clear map of Moldovan highways and roads is offered by   Wikipedia   +  .

Lots with unusual tolls

There are no sections with unusual tolls in Modave.

Speed ​​limit in Moldova

The maximum permitted speed in a populated area in Moldova is 50 km/h, outside a populated area – 80 km/h, in some areas the speed limit is 110 km/h. The maximum speed limit on motorways is 110 km/h.

Vignette fines

If you do not present a check for payment for the use of a toll road when checking with the police or customs, you will face a fine of 2250 L-3000 L

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